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Pea Gravel
Pearl Oyster Gravel
Golden Flint Gravel
Grey Limestone Gravel
Plumb Slate Gravel
Green Slate Gravel
Moonstone Gravel
Cotswold Gravel



Decorative Gravel and Shingle

Creatively used Gravel and Shingle can be so much more than just a quick fix for empty spaces, adding a touch of colour to a flowerbed and keep the weeds down.... what springs to mind are the long sweeping driveways of country houses, the sound of an MG's wheels and the crunch of gravel underfoot ... it's romantic, it's traditionally English and so much more than a cost effective solution for driveways and pathways it's a good deterent for uninvited peeps.


Popular choices of gravel and shingle for gardens, driveways and pathways are: Plumb Slate, Green Slate, Grey Limestone, Cotswold, Pea Gravel and Shingle from the Seashore, a variety of sizes are available. 


Please Note: Natural stone products have a wide variety of colour in their range unlike reconstituted stone, to appreciate the richness of colour and obtain a representative impression of their colour range, we suggest you come view them in person. 


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