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Artisan Buff is best quality Sandstone - Riven, Chiselled Edge (22mm thick). Artisan Buff a popular choice of paving for patios, paths and driveways. Choose Artisan Buff paving blend to suit modern properties with brickwork of similar colours to this blend.  


Artisan Buff has buff brown predominating, with bright colours, yellows and pinks, a similar blend of colours to Artisan Rose which has pinks predominating. Flags show colour banding, and vary from flag to flag. Brilliant when wet. Adds interest to a modern property. Artisan Buff and Artisan Rose Sandstone have a hand chiselled riven finish.


Brush in pointing: Colours to chose are Neutral/Buff to blend.


Best quality Grade A Indian Sandstone sold as a Patio Pack: which are all calibrated to a thickness of 22mm. What we mean by patio pack? Our Patio Packs contain flag combinations of 900x600, 600x600, 290x600, 290x290.


From us patio pack describes the combination of paving not the quantity, which can be any amount required. Popular Single sizes available are 900x600, 600x600 for a rough guide on single size pricing add £2 per m2.


This price excludes VAT

Artisan Buff Paving - Patio Pack

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