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John Wilsons in progress May17 02
140mm Black Face Sandstone
140mm Black Face Tumbled Sandstone
Random Cream Tumbled Limestone
215mm Cream Tumbled Limestone
215mm Tumbled Limestone
Random Multi Tumbled Limestone
Random Black Face Sandstone
140mm Cream Tumbled Limestone
Split Face Random Sandstone
140mm Clean Cut Sandstone
140mm Split Face Sandstone
John Wilsons Walling.jpg



New and Reclaimed Sandstone and Limestone Walling

We have a choice selection of new Sandstone and Limestone walling, wall topping, coping and piercaps. A selection of responsibly reclaimed Yorkstone walling, coping, gateposts etc is bought and sold by us but is constantly in demand... it is well worth coming down for a look if you have something you are looking for and if we don't have it available we will keep your details in case some becomes available. Alternatively a bespoke option is available made new to your specification.


Sandstone walling in stock includes: Sandstone Black Faced Random, Sandstone Light to Medium (140s), Sandstone Ashlar (various), Sandstone Clean Cut Split Faced (140s), Sandstone Tumbled and Darkened (Random, 140s, 215s), Sandstone Split Faced (Random), Yorkshire Sandstone Black & Tumbled (140s, 215s), Sandstone Yorkshire Buff (140s, 215s), Reclaimed Delph (2 1/2 to 5 Inches) and Reclaimed Delph Coursed (varies between 2 1/2 and 6 inches).


Limestone walling in stock includes: Cream Limestone (Random, 140s, 215s), Multi Limestone (Random, 140s, 215s) and Limestone Pitched Face (random, 140s, 215s)


Please Note: Natural stone products have a wide variety of colour in their range unlike reconstituted stone, to appreciate the richness of colour and obtain a representative impression of their colour range, we suggest you come view them in person. 


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