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Mega Large Trough 1
Sandstone D-Trough 2
Reclaiming Yorkstone 01
Reclaiming Yorkstone Cellar Flags 01
Yorkstone going out 01
Circular Trough Yorkstone
Reclaimed Trough Yorkstone Coping 3
Reclaimed Trough Yorkstone Coping
Yorkstone takes some muscle 02
Pricing Yorkstone 01


As the Japanese say the real beauty of an object is the marks life has left on it... We feel this is so true, that is why we stock all manner of  reclaimed items. These items are all obviously one offs, so if you fall in love with anything you see you are best to buy it or leave a deposit rather than be disappointed.  We specialise in responsibly reclaimed Yorkstone paving, walling and coping this is bought and sold by us and is constantly in demand... it is well worth coming down for a look if you have something reclaimed in mind. If we don't have what you are looking for in the yard we will keep your details in case some becomes available.


Yorkstone Troughs, Paving, Walling & Coping 

This collection contains Reclaimed Stone products.

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