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Artisan Yorkstone Birdbath are made from 2 pieces of Responsibly Reclaimed or Newly Quarried Yorkstone by Dave our stone mason here in our Leeds yard. Colour, size and style tend to vary, due to the differing  personality of each individual stone. Reclaimed Yorkstone in the majority, which Dave gives a new life, a true artist who tirelessly tries his best to channel it's inner spirit. Price is an approximate as each birdbath varies in work.


Medium: H: 80-90 cm by 50 x 50 cm (size varies)

Large: H:100-110 cm by 50 x 50 cm (size varies)


Other Yorkstone Birdbaths Available are:

• Rustic Yorkstone Birdbath 

• Yorkshire Rose Birdbath 


Products which would look splendid with the above are:

• Sandstone Straight or Curved or Bench

• Yorkstone Sundials with Lead Face




Artisan Yorkstone Birdbath

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