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Basalt Column Fountain are made from naturally forming Basalt Granite Columns (just like the Giants Causeway). These fountains are nicely finished with a bush hammered top. We recommend a vary flow pump, so you can adjust the water pressure as you prefer, slow trickle or dynamic fountain. Birds love these by the way!  Colour, size and weight varies.


Sizes stocked or available to order:


H: 15 cm by 30+cm (regular): Price £175

H: 30 cm by 30+cm (regular): Price £275

H: 50 cm by 36+cm (regular): Price £375

H: 50 cm by 38+cm (chunky): Price £425

H:75 cm by 38-40 cm (regular): Price £475

H:75 cm by 38-40 cm (regular): Price £525

H:100 cm by 40-42 cm (regular): Price £575

H:100 cm by 40-42 cm (regular): Price £650


Products which would look splendid with the above are:


• Basalt and Granite Benches - of which we have a range of designs

• Sun Gazing Reptiles on Basalt Rock: Frog, Tortoise and Lizard

• Basalt Stepping Stones 



Basalt Column Fountain with Hammered Top

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