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Always fancied your very own Stone Henge well now is your chance, a stunning product that has quite a presence, ideal for hippies, sun gazers and practitioners of trancendental meditation.


Basalt Column Standing Stones, made of naturally forming Basalt Granite - Colour, size and weight varies.


Sizes stocked or available to order:


H: 1.00 metre: Price £ under review

H: 1.50 metres: Price £ under review

H: 1.80 metres: Price £ under review

H: 3.50 metres: Price £ under review

H: 4.25 metres: Price £ under review


Products which would look splendid with the above are:


• Basalt and Granite Benches - of which we have a range of designs

• Sun Gazing Reptiles on Basalt Rock: Frog, Tortoise and Lizard

• Basalt Stepping Stones 




Basalt Column Standing Stones

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