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Are you the centre of your universe? I should think so too ;-) Then this product may be just right for you. Our Black Granite Planets are part of our Bonsai Planet range of products, also available as Water Features. More plantets to collect to make your own mini universe.


Black Granite Sphere, made from one piece of naturally forming Granite - Natural markings varies. Sizes stocked or available to order:


Diam: 50 cm: £475

Diam: 40 cm: £375 

Diam: 30 cm: £175


Products which would look splendid with the above are:


• Black Grainte Marble Benches Straight L: 120 cm

• Black Grainte Marble Benches Curved L: 120 cm


Available as a Special Order. Price of May 2020 (as a guide only). 

Note: Special Order price increase expected due to inflation and changing exchange rate.


50cm Black Granite Sphere - Bonsai Planets