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Our Farmhouse Yorkstone Birdbath made to look like it's always been a part of your garden. Sat in a flower bed it's bound to become an oasis for bees and birds.


Our Yorkstone Birdbaths are made from a combination of responsibly reclaimed and newly quarried Yorkstone by Andy our Mason. Reclaimed Yorkstone in the majority, which Andy gives a new life.


Colour, size and style varies. Price is an approximate as each birdbath varies in work.


Small: H: 50-70 cm by 50 x 50 cm  (size varies)

Medium: H: 80-90 cm by 50 x 50 cm (size varies)

Large: H:100-110 cm by 50 x 50 cm (size varies)

Farmhouse Yorkstone Birdbath (Irregular top)

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