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Polished Pebbles - Yellow. Natural pebbles are a good choice for water features. Unlike decorative aggregates, which have silt and dust naturally occuring, our polished pebbles have been polished for the purpose of being pump friendly. Price: £30 per 25kg Bag


Sizes Available: 


5-8cm : For large water-features, with a metal grilled reservoir.

3-5cm : For mid size water-features, with a plastic lidded  reservoir.

2-3cm : For smaller water features, planters or ground coverage.


Also available in:


White : 5-8cm, 3-5cm or 2-3cm

Mixed Colours : 5-8cm, 3-5cm or 2-3cm

Yellow : 3-5cm or 2-3cm

Red :  3-5cm or 2-3cm

Black 5-8cm

Polished Pebbles - Yellow

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