Basalt Monolith 1
Rustic Birdbath Detail 9
Rustic Birdbath Detail 7
Basalt Stepping Stones 5
Basalt Fountain Detail 2
Nara 3 Tier Lantern
Basalt Monolith 3
SP_02 a.jpg
Basalt Monolith 5
Farmhouse Hex Birdbath Top
BE_BA 07.jpg
Rokkakyukimi 5ft6 2
Go Ju Tou and Nara Lanterns
Lanterns Collection flat.jpg
GF_GR 01 d.jpg
SP_03 b.jpg
SP_02 b.jpg
Farmhouse Round Birdbath Top 1
Rainbow Sandstone Sphere Saltaire
Basalt Monolith 4
Basalt Standing Stone Dane



Enjoy all your hard work, and treat yourself to something extra special... Here are the most special products we have collected from our travels. Light up your garden at night with a Japanese Granite lantern, add the tranquility of running water to your garden with a Basalt Column fountain.  We stock Grey Granite Lanterns, Bamboo Water Features, Basalt Column Fountains, Traditional Sandstone Wall Fountains, Rainbow Sandstone Spheres, Standing Stones in Volcanic Rock, Obelisks in Coloured Marbles and Norwegian Gneiss.

Natural Stone Lanterns

This collection contains Granite and Gritstone products. To see more products press the more button.

Iron & Stone Fountains, Water Features and Bird Baths

This collection contains Granite, Slate, Sandstone and Limestone products. To see more products press the more button.